5 Reasons Why Business Events in New Zealand are a must

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five reasonsBecause it is an island, New Zealand has managed to protect from external influences and forge its own identity.

This cosmopolitan country, noted for its political stability, economic growth and the initiative of its inhabitants, attracts many talents from around the world.

Investors, Entrepreneurs and Young Talents want to benefit New Zealand assets and contribute to its economic development.

However , perhaps because of its cousin , Australia, located about 1000 km , New Zealand deserves to be better known by investors and entrepreneurs.

The events business planning is one of the most effective ways to increase the reputation of New Zealand.

 Here are 5 reasons:


1. New Zealand and its geographical isolation New_Zealand_Island

New Zealand is a world of its own with its fauna, its history and its people. It is synonymous with change of scenery and adventure for many people.

For investors and entrepreneurs, is the pledge to invest in one of the best  economically and politically stable country in the world.

Thus, foreign investors invited to participate in an event in New Zealand will benefit both the idyllic setting to relax but also secure political and economic framework for investing.


2. The proximity to Australia: help or hindrance ?


Many people in the world still hesitate when asked where New Zealand is.

However, more people know how to place Australia on a map.

Sometimes wrongly considered abroad as Australia’s youngest sister, New Zealand has a stronger economic growth than Australia.Many people opt Australia because of its size, its currency, its opportunities but also by lack of knowledge about New Zealand.

Therefore, if more investors, entrepreneurs and young talents receive more information about New Zealand and decided to settle there, the New Zealand growth will only be doing better.


3. The strengths of New Zealand

new zealand

The New Zealand market is doing well. Unemployment is much lower than in Europe and the professional possibilities are numerous.

Its geographical proximity to Asia and Australia gives it an ideal location for import and export.

Its climate is favourable for the cultivation of a diverse number of fruits and vegetables.

Sheep farming, beef and especially the dairy industry are flourishing.

Its time zone allows it to be proactive in the market during that New York is still asleep.

All investors, entrepreneurs and young talents find their happiness in various sectors: services, industry, and administration.So the business events can affect several trades and must be set up very often.


4. Partnerships with the big names in the business’ world


Because of its geographical position , New Zealand imports a lot of resources it cannot manufacture . This challenge carries the New Zealander companies in the low average in the world ranking of innovative companies, well after the Asian giants. (Source Forbes 2014: http://goo.gl/DXZI5B)

For this reason, it is a must for New Zealand to create partnerships with foreign companies.It is also important to create events in New Zealand and not to centralize in Australia as has been the case before.Foreign investors must discover the country by themselves and see its strengths.


5. Maintain contact with the outside

Carte 3D réseau villes riche

Creating such events also allows young New Zealanders to train and stay put and prevents brain drain.

It also develops the arrival of young foreign skilled wanting to have work experience.

The business events’ goal is not only to professionals, investors and entrepreneurs to discover New Zealand but also for New Zealand to be more open to the world.

Abroad events can also be set up in Europe (Paris, London, Berlin…), America (New York, Toronto, Brasilia, Mexico …), Asia (Beijing, Seoul, Jakarta, Tokyo, Singapore…).

There are 3 main advantages to business events made by New Zealanders professionals abroad:

  • Investors, talent and entrepreneurs do not even have to take the plane to be conquered by New Zealand
  • It also allows reaching more people at a time and thus increasing contacts quickly
  • New Zealanders entrepreneurs can learn from foreign contractors, discover and understand their environment. Knowing and understanding each other is a great asset in the economic and geopolitical exchanges

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